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Die 25 meistverkauften Hardcore-Vinyle 04.04.2013-17.07.2013:

1. [MOUTH09] Igneon System - The Executioner EP Picture Disc
14.99 €
 A1: Igneon System - Rude Mood
A2: Igneon System - Hit The Hood
B1: Igneon System - There Is No Back In The Day Shit
B2: Igneon System and Homeboy - The Illest (Tugie Remix)

2. [TRAX105] DJ Mad Dog - Agony Tipp
14.99 €
 A1: Agony
A2: Get A Life
B1: Psychotic
B2: A Night Of Madness (N3ar Remix)
B3: A Night Of Madness (Neural Damage Remix)

3. [TRAX106] Art Of Fighters - Tears Of Blood Tipp
12.99 €
 A1: Tears Of Blood
B1: Restart The Party
B2: Breath Fire with Noize Supressor

4. [NEO070] Tieum, Neophyte & Angerfist - Vulgar Display Of Power Tipp
39.99 €
 A1: Tieum & Neophyte - Vulgar Display Of Power
A2: Tieum - Contractor
B1: Tieum & Angerfist - Smile About That
B2: Tieum & Partyraiser - Equipment Fail
B3: Tieum - My Word And My Balls

5. [NEO068] Tha Playah - The Impact
14.99 €
 A1: The Impact (Vocal Intro)
B1: The Impact (Full Length DJ Mix)
B2: I Call Tha Shots (2012 Remix)

6. [MOUTH08] KRTM/Stormtrooper - Split EP
9.99 €
 A1: [KRTM] - PostCelebrated
A2: [KRTM] - PostCelebrated (Matt Greens Bitches Leave RMX)
A3: [KRTM] - Smokin Boobs Cafe
B1: Stormtrooper - Beautiful Music
B2: Stormtrooper - Shabby Chic

7. [HM2796] Hellsystem - Devil Face EP Tipp
12.99 €
 A1: Devil Face
A2: Salvation
B1: How The World Ended (Angerfist Remix)
B2: Blood (Tha Playah Remix)

8. [TRAX102] Anime - A-Bomb
14.99 €
 A1: Hunting For Your Soul
B1: A-Bomb
B2: Rock For Real

9. [TRAX101] Tommyknocker - T-2012
12.99 €
 A1: Supernatural
B1: T-2012
B2: Showtime (Endymion Rmx)

10. [NEO065] Evil Activities - Its Ok
9.99 €
 A1: Its Ok
B1: Never Fall Asleep (Tha Playah Rmx)

11. [TRAX089] DJ Mad Dog - A Night Of Madness
12.99 €
 A1: A Night Of Madness
B1: B.O.B.

12. [SCUM033] The DJ Producer & Deathmachine - Come Hell Or High
9.99 €
 A1: Hallucinations
B1: Hell-Evator

13. [TNT002] Gancher & Ruin - Glitch
9.99 €
 A1: Glitch
B1: Cyberpunk
B2: Soulseeker

14. [NEO069] Evil Activities - Violence Silence
12.99 €
 A1: Violence Silence
B1: We Got Fire
B2: Falling

15. [GEN020] The Outside Agency & Ophidian - The Disputed Kings Of ...
14.99 €
 A1: The Silence
A2: The Infinite
B1: The Insect Mind
B2: The Shadows

16. [NEO061] Neophyte - Grondleggers
9.99 €
 A1: Grondleggers (feat. Alee) (Full Length DJ Mix)
B1: Voices (vs Drokz)

17. [R909-41] Randy - Rock Da Disco
9.99 €
 A1: Rock Da Disco
A2: Bass Back
B1: Rock Da Disco(Subversion RMX)
B2: R909 Madness

18. [PRSPCTXTRM008] Sei2ure - War Tipp
9.99 €
 A1: War
A2: Destroy
B1: I am God

19. [PKG58] Radium - Le Fake
9.99 €
 A1: Hardcore Omen
A2: Vicious Side
B1: Kick 'Em Separated
B2: Give It Hardcore

20. [PRSPCTXTRM007] Dither - Digital Chemistry / Adopted To The Dark
9.99 €
 A1: Digital Chemistry
B1: Adopted To The Dark

21. [STROID08] Hellfish - Sack The Terminator / DJ Enemy No.1
9.99 €
 A1: Sack The Terminator
B1: DJ Enemy No.1

22. [DEATHCHANT66] Hellfish - Fully Weaponized Hellfish Battle Beats ...
9.99 €
 A1: Crack Wars (Toilet Wars Reboil)
A2: Techno City 2013
B1: F Bomb Megamix
B2: Boost the Dub

23. [KTRXT005] Sarin Assault - Red Reign EP
9.99 €
 A1: Sarin Assault - Red Reign
A2: Sarin Assault and Akira - U Gonna Get Urz
B1: Fiend and Sarin Assault - Fighting Is Futile
B2: Sarin Assault and Deathmachine - The Thing

24. [PKGRX14] The Speed Freak - Mutations 01
9.99 €
 A1: Jesus Was A Mutant Pt 2 (Pyromanic Remix)
B1: Slammit (Dragonslayer Remix)
B2: 4000 Orgasms (Cumming Home Remix)

25. [656757-1] Holy Noise - Organised Crime
19.99 €
 A1: Get Down Everybody (Vocal Mix)
A2: Father Forgive Them (Trends Mix)
A3: Holy Noise
A4: The Nightmare (Freddie Krueger's Message)
A5: Psycho (N Bates Mix)
B1: House Orgasm
B2: The Noise (X-Treme Sounds)
B3: James Brown Is Still Alive (Hn Style)
B4: Dreams Of Santa Anna (Underground Mix)
B5: Get Down Everybody (Instrumental)


Quitara - My Desire / Delirious (CD-Single)
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